Tv Journal Assigment #5

Simpsons is my favourite TV program, and that’s why a posted it on my blog. Seriously, all what I learned about them is just that they can surprise me again and again. I cant be tired of this TV program. And you know what, I suggest this TV program to everyone who want take few minutes of their time to have fun and enjoy a real TV program.
Thanks for your time.

Tv Journal Assigment #4

Lisa on ice
In this assigment, I'm Lisa
We were uniting in the buthead memorial auditorium. There, I got an academic alert for gym, I was so hungry that I tried to throw my academic alert in garbage but I missed. The only way to passed this class, I had to join one of those peewee teams outside the school. I tried many sports but no one worked. A day, me and my family went to the arena where Bart played hockey. After his game, dad gave to Bart a little turtle. Bart thought I was jealous of him and then with his hockey stick, he was throwing me objects from floor. The coach of the other team saw me blocking all of these abject. There I became the perfect goalie. I brought my team to final. Bart became jealous of me and the rivalry between us grew. The final was my team Vs Bart’s team which ends appropriately in a tie.


Tv Journal Assigment #2

The title of my first favorite episode of the Simpsons is Duffless. Episode 6 on DVD 3 of the season 4 Matt Groening took the same strategy with every episode; two stories in one episode. In one way, Homer wanted to go to the Duff brewery. After his day, he was caught by the police because he was drunk in his car. Then Marge asked Homer to stop drinking beer for one month and you know what? He did it! And to continu in the other way the students of Springfield elementary school were making a Science Fair. Lisa created a futuristic tomato to wipe out world hunger that was fertilized by anabolic steroids. Bart busted her project. She was very sad. Then she began another one about her brother: is my brother dumber than a hamster? Bart stoled her hamster to make his project; Can a hamster can fly? With that, Bart won the Science Fair.


Tv Journal Assigment #1

Springfield... Where is Sprinfield? Matt Groening used this name because numerous cities have it in the U.S., but this city is not one of them. This is a full history of typic Americans have a full range of activities, actions, misfortunes, etc. The principal family is the Simpsons. The parents and kids live together in a small house on Evergreen Terrace. There we have Homer, the dad who likes donuts, dislikes his job, is always in trouble; we have his wife Marge, the mother of this family, who is always there to help everyone; the first kid who saw the light, Bart, who is the rebel of the family, and is always in trouble like his father; the light of the family, Lisa, who always has the correct answer; and the last one, Maggie, who never talks. The Simpsons have at least 18 seasons, each one has at least 20 episodes of 25min. and in my future TV Journal, I'll take my 3 favorite episodes and discibe them.